3D Vibration Grinder
3D Vibration Grinder
Oct-drum Grinder
Oct-drum Grinder
Horizontal Grinder
Horizontal Grinder
Dehydration dryer
Dehydration dryer


Hi-speed Centrifuger

Jofull Grinding
  • 60L

      By using 3-dimensional vibration grinder with high frequency vibration , the  workpieces could be grinded, cutted and polished to a g|ossy surface. It moves in tespiral rolling flow while mixing workpieces with grandstones , steel point , grinding , compounds , etc.
    Specially , it is available for workpieces of easy deformation , ports of irregular contour with holes , and/or dead corners.


    The products will be equable in quality . Spot check can be made while the machine is working . So , it will safe time and ensure good quality.

jofull 100L Centrifuge Grinder
KT-100-1 100L  Centrifuge  Grinder:

High speed, he-grinding force, saving working time and money are specially generalization. The structure of the machine is very strong. It is used easily and working all day long. It is also noiseless. The machine is suitable for coarse and fine grindings of small pieces parts or polishing coare surface of melting and die casts.


Octagonal-Drum Grinder

Jofull Oct-Drum Grinder:The machine container, an octagon drum tapered on both ends, is specially designed to enhance mixing of the products with the grinding material so as to ensure best efficiency and good products of uniform quality.




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O- cylind. Ceramic Grinding Stone

Rough and Medium Grinding Stones in
Oblique cylinder shape. Suitable for radiusing and rough grinding

cylinder magnetic alumina abrasive


DetailGrinding Stones /Grinding Media
Oblique cylinder shape. Suitable for radiusing and detail grinding

Pyramid magnetic alumina abrasive

Pyramid magnetic alumina abrasive ( Grinding Stones / grinding media ) suitable for radiusing and deburring.

Pyramid Ceramic Grinding Stones

Ceramic  grinding Stones in
Pyramid shape. Suitable for radiusing and medium  grinding