| Luster Finish| | Barrel Clearing || Rough and Degreasing |
| Polish in Color || Preventing Rust |


Item Material to finish Color of Polish Form Barrel media Package Remark
PC-901 Stainless Steel,
Zinc (Die cast)
Black Gray Clay Steel Ball 50kg Iron Bucket  
PC-902 Stainless Steel,
Black Clay All Barrel media 50kg Iron Bucket  
PC-903 Stainless Steel Bright Golden Clay Steel Ball 50kg Iron Bucket  
PC-904 Stainless Steel Black Powder Fine Grinding Chip 25kg Carton Box Exclusively   for Speed Machine
PC-905 Stainless Steel,
Black Powder All Barrel media 25kg Carton Box  
PC-906 Stainless Steel Silver Ointment Steel Ball 50kg Iron Bucket  




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