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The machine container, an octagon drum tapered on both ends, is specially designed to enhance mixing of the products with the grinding material so as to ensure best efficiency and good products of uniform quality.
Model Cantainer Size Motor height m/m( L x W ) Drum Diameter(In.) Weight
VT-50 50L 2Φ 1/4HP 900m/m 750 x 480 18" 106kg
VT-100 100L 3Φ 1HP 1000m/m 960 x 680 24" 178kg
VT-250 250L 3Φ 2HP 1390m/m 1470 x 1020 28.8" 360kg
VT-350 350L 3Φ 2HP 1540m/m 1620 x 1100 32.9" 520kg
VT-500 500L 3Φ 5HP 1680m/m 1870x 1250 38.7" 780kg
VT-850 850L 3Φ 7.5HP 1930m/m 2120 x 1280 42.4" 900kg




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