Heater Type Automatic Dried Machine


we especially recommend this banking type dryer to fast and perfectly dry up bulky amount gilded lterms. The dry-up function will be completed within 1~3 minutes with operational temperature around 50℃~80℃.


Suitable for drying and de-oiling of gilded products, electronic, plastic, bamboo, vibrating grinding.


1.The basement is made of cast iron with execellent stability.

  The inner and outer barrels are made of stainless steel with long durability.

2.Heater is installed on the upper Aluminum cover for direct heating.

3.Automatic power and brake controls.

Operation instruction:

Plug in the power to warm up the heater about 5 minutes. Load your products into the inner barrel and then cover it up. The products will be automatically dried up within 1-3 minutes with temperatures required for different Items.

Then open the cover, turn off the power and brake it up.