3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines

By using 3-dimensional vibration grinder with high frequency vibration , the  workpieces could be grinded, cutted and polished to a g|ossy surface. It moves in tespiral rolling flow while mixing workpieces with grandstones , steel point , grinding , compounds , etc.

Specially , it is available for workpieces of easy deformation , ports of irregular contour with holes , and/or dead corners.

The products will be equable in quality . Spot check can be made while the machine is working . So , it will safe time and ensure good quality.


This machine does excellent jobs on finishing of stainless steels , ferrous , steels ; cast iron ,non-ferrous metals such as aluminum copper , brass , zinc , alloies and porcelain jade stones, corals, agate, suthetic resins, plastic, bamboo, wood, etc.

The workpieces could  be grinded and polished to a glossy finish by selection of washing clean, removing rust and burrs, mediums, componds and adjusted frequence of vibration moter.