Metal polishing tools,high speed,centrifugal finishing machine,he-grinding force, saving working time and money are specially generalization. The structure of the machine is very strong. It is used easily and working all day long. It is also noiseless. The machine is suitable for coarse and fine grindings of small pieces parts or polishing coare surface of melting and die casts.

Operating Principles

Jofull high-speed centrifugal grinding machine adopted a powerful motor to drive the main spindle high-speed rotation to generate centrifugal power and the force of gravity for the metal tools polishing, providing high efficiency over the traditional polishing machine. When the machine operates, the four grinding cylinders are driven by the main spindle to make the mixture slide from the higher to lower position for tumbling the workpiece and media to create friction and cutting force to achieve the requirement of small pieces parts coarse and fine grinding or polishing.

Material Applications

High-speed centrifuge grinding machines are excellent for coarse and fine grindings of small pieces parts or polishing coarse surfaces of melting and die casts. The suitable materials include stainless steel, ferrous, steels; cast iron, non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, and alloy), porcelain, jade stones, corals, agate, synthetic resins, plastic, bamboo, wood, etc.