Vibrating Grinder

Vibrating Grinder

Jofull specializes in providing metal vibratory grinding and polishing solutions for industrial. With 30 years of experience in manufacturing, we stock in various professional-grade equipment, including vibratory polishing machines, dewatering machines, high-speed centrifugal grinder machines, automatic dried machines, etc. for industrial mass workpiece grinding and polishing secondary processing. These machines adopt stable and powerful vibration motors made in Taiwan, ensuring efficient and high-quality metal processing, even for irregular shapes or difficult-to-handle workpieces.

1.Strong vibration performance, low maintenance rate, high-cost performance, suitable for grinding, polishing, and other large and medium-sized workpieces.

2. The size and shape of the original workpiece will not be destroyed during the machining process. Variable frequency speed control, time control function, easy to operate

3.During the work process, the workpiece grinding condition can be checked at any time. There is a screening network in the vibrating machine, which can automatically separate the abrasive from the workpiece, saving time and labor.


3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines (4)

Three-dimensional vibratory finishing machines are designed for the surface treatment of most industrial metal parts. We are stock in vast machine models including U-shape type, conical column type, and spiral type, etc. The further customized setting of these vibratory machines is also available to provide you high efficiency and quality grinding.
 SU-3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines
 SO-3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines
 SA-3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines
 SL-3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines


High-speed centrifugal grinding machine is specialized in coarse and fine surface polishing for small workpieces for the industries. Our machines adopted a powerful motor to increase 10x efficiency compared with traditional grinding machines to finish their working whether irregular shapes or hard-to-reach corners. The sturdy structure makes operation stable without noise. These High-speed centrifugal grinding machines are easy-to-use and satisfy the economic cost to be your best solution.